What is the largest transit system in the USA?


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It's either New York, NY or Portland, OR.

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It has to be the New York City transit system. I'm almost certain they have the most miles of subway track, and the nearest bus stop is usually within a 5 minute walk, wherever you are, and this includes the outer boroughs, not just Manhattan. Unlike other major cities, the NYC subway system runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, although the waits for trains are usually a lot longer late at night. Many bus routes also run on a 24 hour schedule.

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Yup, it's New York City.

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It really depends on how you are measuring size. As of 2004...

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New Jersey Transit Corporation serves the largest population with a service area of 3,353 miles whose population cosists of 17,799,861.

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Fairbanks North Star Borough Transit in Arkansas has the largest service area with 8,510 miles.

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MTA New York City Transit has the highest fare revenues at $1,837,633,011 - this is still a small portion of their total operating cost.

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Unfortunately I cannot tell you anything regarding exactly miles b/c here they split up the different forms of transit (busses, trains, paratransit, etc.) and most transit agencies operate all of these...

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I believe it is NYC. But the best is the Los Angeles MTA.
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