What is driven faster a milk float or a 4x4?


is it strange to not know how to drive at 28 years old?

What makes me laugh is imagining all the women asking their husbands to buy them a 4x4 to protect their children when they drive them to school. And you know that all the men will buy one just to keep the women quiet. Show me a woman in a 4x4, and I'll show you a hen-pecked husband!!

How many miles of road are in the USA?

HOWEVER, if the women knew how to drive in the first place, they wouldn't need the extra protection anyway - they only have accidents 'cos their cars are so large. In addition, the extra pollution their car produces is only causing more damage to the planet that their children will need to live in, so where is the logic. And finally, they should be walking their offspring to school instead of developing a generation of couch potatoes, but they can't walk them to school 'cos then they'll breathe in all the exhaust fumes from the other 4x4's and become asthmatic!!

What is the best and fastest way to get to Kensington High Street from London Stansted Airport?

Anyway, as a personal protest, when I'm driving I NEVER let one pull out in front of me.

Whom do I contact about installing a turning signal on my road?

I realise my views may be unpopular, but remember them in 20 years time when the world has gone pear-shaped (in more ways than one).

If you have to drive 1200 miles at 80 mph... how many hours will it take to get there?

you need another way to vent your frustration

How often do you take public transportation each week?

Are we a little testy today......?

I am 33 and immigirant from India in california. I am scared of driving . What can i do to improve my driving

both of these probably go faster than what your driving!

Driving from San Francisco to Wisconsin. Please help!!?

I see you really have issues with 4X4's. There are 4X4's that can run 13 second 1/4 miles. Way faster than most cars out there.

why do you only drive in the middle lane on motorways? you know who you are! senisble answers please?

Depends if there dropping off milk or the kids.

Commuting times in Oahu?

i would have to say the 4x4.maybe that's not a good thing though. especially for that Pontiac i painted the drives side black with my tire last tuesday.you got to love the car peoples faces when they get out of their little cars and see the side of it tore to hell and you only have a scuff on your tire.
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