Why is it that it took me 20 minutes to drive less than half a mile?

The traffic lights were out at an intersection between a highway and a main road, because some stupid dump truck was too tall, hit the traffic lights, and broke them.... why could the city not send a policeman to direct traffic or something?


was any one on the m6 at juntion 19 monday morning at about 7.30?

Go to a big city like Atlanta, NYC or LA and you can sit in traffic for 20 minutes and not move an inch. It happens. Also, the police could have been busy and since there was no accident and the traffic was still flowing it was ok. If you are really concerned you can write to your local government and petition for more active traffic police.

Should slow drivers get tickets too?

they should've at least put up a temporary 4 way stop sign after they got the light pole and dump truck out of the way.

do you half to make resevations to get on a greyhound?

last i checked highways dint have traffic signs or red lights or 4 way stops unless u were exiting so u must go 0..2 mph i would call the cops.

I want to live near NYC but I commute to syooset, in long island, anyone have any suggestions?

why dont you just drive on the shoulder and pass all those idiots?

why does hawaii have interstate higways?

I understand your frustration, but if it's only a half a mile, why not walk? Encourage your municipality to put in sidewalks and crosswalks so you're not stuck driving everywhere. It'll cut down on your costs too.

Questions about taking a greyhound bus?

You must have been driving very slow.
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