Why do people have to drive and talk on a phone?

every day on the road you can see a phone stuck to someones ear and theyre just flapping their lips and not paying attention to the road.Ive been pushed over into other lanes cuz they dont look before they turn.they get the right of way and sit there cuz they dont see the light change so you pull out and so do they and you get the finger? I swear people cant go any place without a phone. Are they that dumb that they have to have somebody tell them where to go and what foot to put out there first. They walk in front of cars, stop in the middle of the road,and while im working in a auto parts store waiting on them they have to stop what we r doing to answer the phone.when that happens id like to just let them talk and move on to the next customer and let them start over.And you got the guy thats working on his/her car and they got to call to see what kind of car they drive.cant you people think any more?Cells dont impress anybody it just shows the intelligence level of the person


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It's pathetic how people need there cellphone all the time. They now can't go anywhere without it! In the car, at the store...what i can't stand are people at the grocery store or any store that will talk on their cell phone while the cashier is processing their order...RUDE! C'mon, get off your cell phone for 5 minutes. In their car, they don't pay attention to other drivers since they are speaking on their phone, then they honk at you for no reason and they are the one that are wrong. Good thing downtown Chicago it's illegal to talk on your cell phone while your driving! They should apply that law everywhere!

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They got something to say.Get your ticket book and write if you no like.

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muti tasking i guess

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It's a chance to stay in touch with people. Sure, they should get a handsfree speakerphone or use a headset (I'd be lost without mine,hate having hands full). But in an age where people increasingly are devaluing relationships (we love things & use people instead of the other way around), an opportunity to maintain contact is better taken than passed up.

Why do people drive in the left (usa) lane under the speed limit and then refuse to move over?

We don't need special laws to stop people from talking on the phone while driving, there are already impaired operator laws that govern that behavior generally. Talking on a cell phone is no more distracting than talking to a passenger or tuning the radio; should we make special laws against those things too?

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Use common sense, people, laws typically cause more problems than they solve.

Coming to hill on highway when road sign says 10% grade - what does that mean? 10% of what?

PS -- do not even begin to cite the "studies that show driving while talking on a cell phone is just as bad as driving drunk". Go look at the methodology of the studies and analyze them rationally. They ONLY studied drivers who had been in car accidents! The event they were claiming to prove was caused was ASSUMED; it was a GIVEN. They then extrapolated from that how many had been talking on cell phones and VOILA -- talking on the cell phone caused X% of all accidents!! When establishing causation, you CANNOT assume the event you are trying to prove.

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The researchers might as well have surveyed the drivers to see how many of them ate broccoli the night before [HEADLINE -- DRIVING WHILE VEGAN: BROCCOLI ADVERSELY AFFECTS DRIVING ABILITY], or how many had blond hair and blue eyes ["MASTER" RACE? ARYANS MORE LIKELY TO CAUSE CAR CRASHES]. The unmitigated feces that passes as science is absolutely mind-boggling; some scientific journals actually printed this flawed research without condemning it. Not sure if it's the insurance companies or manufacturers of handsfree equipment that are behind these "studies", but hack jobs like this show it sure isn't noble scientists in search of truth.

Why do people in L.A. think the carpool and fast lanes have unlimited speed limits?

some of us like causing accidents for fun. someone has to keep Darwin's Theory in play.

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i don't know, whereabouts do you live? because in Scotland it's illegal to talk on your mobile while driving and people are constantly getting fined for it but it's finally getting through. now everyone's kinda used to it just like the smoking ban.
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