If someone is stupid enough to walk in front of your car on a road, don't they deserve to be hit?


What is the traffic condition like?

Not if it is a little kid!

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No one deserves to die simply because they are stupid, maybe they were just having a bad moment when they walked in front of the car, maybe they are so overwhelmed by some type of horrible heartache that their mind just wandered, or maybe they are just plain too irresponsible to look both ways, no one deserves pain for a mistake.

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no,,not really,,a lot of times people loose there balance and fall in front of one or something,,and some people become dis orientated ,and wonder out in traffic,due to an illness so how would you be able to tell who was stupid or just plain sick or something,,you couldn't,so id suggest you don't hit anyone,,you might find out how the law really works on that subject..good luck i hope this help,s,,have a good x-mas,and don't run over no-one,,

Are motorcycles the answer to global warming?

As much as we like to believe that they do-they really don't.

public transit Vs. cars? what do you think?

you deserved to die for the stupid things and mistakes you've made, but Jesus, in his great love for you, took your place that you may have the opportunity to live. you should show love and mercy just like God showed you.

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So if you hit them, what next? You walk up to him and tell him "you're stupid and good for you"? Have you ever thought that maybe the reason why they are on foot is that they can't afford to buy a car? Does that make you a better person than them?

On a scale 1-10 how much do you hate sitting in traffic?!?!?

I hope you never get lost.

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the law says all pedestrians have right of way. no one deserves that kind of dissrespect. grow up or go to mexico and drive

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