When the speed limit changes, where does it actually take affect? Just before the sign or at the sign?


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As a Law Enforcement Officer this is really a "no brainer"..... The sign indicates what the speed limit is from the location of the sign to the next sign be it 1 mile or 20 miles. So until you reach a speed limit sign your speed limit is whatever was posted on the sign previous to the one you are approaching. If the one you are approaching is lower then the previous one you must slow down to the lower speed and be doing that speed once you pass that sign. This is a pure "black & white" answer based on what the written law is...what has to be remembered is that you will be given an acceptable distance to comply with the speed limit change just don't expect the police to agree that a mile is an acceptable distance. To be on the safe side...when you can read the speed limit sign you see ahead of you begin to make any required speed changes.

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The law may be different in each state, however in California is the speed limit changes AT the sign, not before it.

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At the sign

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Some would say it starts where you can read, but I remember it being at the sign itself.

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well i would love to say AT the sign but as the judge said to me it is up to the descrepancy of the officer. so with that being said i have to say you must be doing the speed the sign says by the time you get there:)

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I have heard it is when you can see the sign, but to be safe, I'd say after you have passed it.

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at the sign but you should start slowing down or speeding up a little before you get to it

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speed zone is at the police officers discretion.most of the time there already giving you 5 mph over to start with.

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i think the legalities of it are pretty much the same in every state-you have like 20 feet after the sign to speed up or slow down.

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The speed indicated by the sign is the actual speed that your vehicle should be moving once you get to the sign. The speed your vehicle is moving before the sign is the speed that was indicated on the previous sign. So if the first sign says 45 mph and you are approaching a sign that indicates 30 mph then by the time you get to the sign you need to have slowed down to 30 mph. If you get to the sign and then decrease speed from 45 mph to 30 mph you are speeding and can receive a summons.

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When a speed limit increases or decreases it does so at the sign.

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i beleive in PA there is a 1/4 mile Transition period.
I dont think they will bust you for traveling the previously posted speed,until after a 1/4 mile of the new limit.

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At the sign

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AT the sign & there is no grace period after the sign

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In Illinois:

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When the speed limit drops, you need to be in compliance by the time you reach the sign.

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When the speed limit goes up, you aren't allowed to ramp up so you're in compliance then. (I thought it was good logic, but the cop didn't think so.)
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