Anyone know if i can drive a semi while on probation?


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if a long haul trucker probably not. you would have to check with your probation officer

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If you have a valid CDL, can find a company that will hire you and get a route that stays within the limits of your parole terms you will be OK. I think the cards are probably stacked against you.

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i would doubt it

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Yes,local runs,you'll need to work to pay the Nazi's for probation.

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no you wont be able to get a job most companies wont 5 to 7 years after your offense

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a fellow OTR driver is on probation, but he made a deal with his parol officer and he is driving over the road, mostly 3, 4 weeks at a time.

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he was also with the same company befor he got into trouble.
i guess it all depends on you, your parol officer and the terms of the judge the grantes you parole
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