Gas prices have come down. Will the cost of an average price of gas continue to drop?

I live in New York and I pay approximately $2.67 per gallon of gas?

Why when you are in slowmoving traffic but in the fast lane, the slow and middle lane is going faster than you

What is the average price of gasoline where you live?

what is the average speed during the journey?

Do you think the cost of gasoline will continue to fall into the next year, 2007?

how does someone actually get a ticket on the freeway? i dont get it?

From Missouri, where the average cost of gasoline is $2.11 to Hawaii, where the average cost of gasoline is $3.14 per gallon, are you comfortable with the cost of gasoline in your state/area?

How long does it take to drive from The Woodlands, TX to Sherman, TX - realistically?

If you are looking for a new or used car, will the price of gas be a high consideration as to what type of car you buy...and what about hybrids?


Carpool lane question?

The average price of gasoline where I live is just about the same as yours. Will the cost continue to fall? I don't think so. We will never see gas fall below $2.00 per gallon across the country again and before 2012 we will all be paying more than $3.00 per gallon. Why? Because the oil companies know they can get it from us. Our society is still way too dependent upon oil and gas. It will be at least another generation or so before we seriously start to look at alternatives. A hybrid? Great idea but I don't think it will catch on in most parts of the country. I see them out here on the west coast and I'm sure they are around in the north east but can you really see them in the mid west or the south? It is just a different mind set there.
I hope I'm wrong and people do start to see that we are being forced to pay what ever the oil companies want us to pay.

Can you travel anywhere on the bus when you buy a zone 1 tube oyster card?

I think that as long as consumers continue to "waste" gasoline as in unnecessary trips, warming up their cars, and idling for extended periods of time, that "they" will continue to charge what the market will bear. If people cut down on their purchases of gasoline(supply)....the price will go down(demand). Anymore, if I don't need to go...I don't. Consolidate trips a few gallons next tank.

Have you ever been driving and cut someone off so bad they had to SLAM on their breaks or....?

I don't think OPEC will allow gas to get too much lower. They will continue to drop production to decrease supply. And if the war in Iraq keeps getting worse, that will not help prices either.

Do you laugh when you see people with headphones on driving down the road?

Around here (East TN) I've seen from $2.01 to $2.11 in the last few days. I'm not really comfortable with it, but I'm living with it. Not much else you can do. We conserve now to a point. If it was higher, I'm sure we would conserve more.

The last two times I have fueled at Dillions fuel station they have not given me my discount?

I bought a new car about 9 months ago and it definatly influenced my decision. Ended up with a new Civic, but not the hybrid.

trying to get from new brunswick to brick nj?

Well, now it's up a bit again, due to the holiday driving. But, unless some unforeseen catastrophe happens, it looks like oil will continue to drop in 07.
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