Need written directions to 3017 Arnold Drive, Shelby, N. C.,28152 from 407 Long Forest Cir., Anderson, S. C.?

I will travel by automobile on Hwy. I-85 from 407 Long Forest Circle to 3017 Arnold Drive in Shelby, N. C. , 28152. Can you tell me where to turn, and the Highway No. to travel from there?


When people ask you if you are familiar with certain areas in your locale, street or neighboorhood...?

1:Start out going NORTH on LONG FOREST CIR toward VALLEY DR.<0.1 milesMap
2:LONG FOREST CIR becomes VALLEY DR.0.1 milesMap
3:Turn RIGHT onto RIDGE RD.0.1 milesMap
4:Turn LEFT onto WOODFERN CIR.<0.1 milesMap
5:Turn LEFT onto PHIL WATSON RD.0.1 milesMap
6:Turn LEFT onto CLEMSON HWY / US-76 W / SC-28 W.0.9 milesMap
7:Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto ramp.0.2 milesMap
8:Merge onto I-85 N.76.7 milesMap
9:Take the SC-18 exit- EXIT 96- toward SHELBY.0.1 milesMap
10:Turn LEFT onto SC-18 / SHELBY HWY. Continue to follow SC-18 (Crossing into NORTH CAROLINA).11.0 milesMap
11:Turn LEFT onto COLLEGE AVE / NC-150.0.4 milesMap
12:Turn RIGHT onto CHARLES RD.0.3 milesMap
13:Turn RIGHT onto ARNOLD DR.0.1 milesMap
14:End at 3017 Arnold Dr
Shelby, NC 28152-7503, USMap

What car has the best gas mileage?

Total Est. Time: 1 hour, 36 minutes Total Est. Distance: 90.57 miles

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The website is

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Drive Carefully!

Brisbanites, why you lot so scared?

Have locol government got to put traffic lights on every corner?

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Enter those into Yahoo Maps.

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google maps

How many new york blocks is one mile?

google maps

public transportation.?

As long as you have a starting point and finish point with zips and all, go to

if someone is stupid enough to walk in front of your car on a road, don't they deserve to be hit?

It is probably the most up to date travel info as far as directions.

does it make you mad when someone tailgates you while driving?

Good Luck and travel safe.

If I have EZ Pass can I get a Speeding ticket at a toll booth?

Just don't take a wrong turn at Albuquerque ;-)

public transport?

yahoo maps or mapquest...just put in the bearings and it'll tell you exactly how to get there.

how many miles between colne and holmfirth?

Maneuvers Distance Maps
1: Start out going NORTH on LONG FOREST CIR toward VALLEY DR. <0.1 miles Map

2: LONG FOREST CIR becomes VALLEY DR. 0.1 miles Map

3: Turn RIGHT onto RIDGE RD. 0.1 miles Map

4: Turn LEFT onto WOODFERN CIR. <0.1 miles Map

5: Turn LEFT onto PHIL WATSON RD. 0.1 miles Map

6: Turn LEFT onto CLEMSON HWY / US-76 W / SC-28 W. 0.9 miles Map

7: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto ramp. 0.2 miles Map

8: Merge onto I-85 N. 76.7 miles Map

9: Take the SC-18 exit- EXIT 96- toward SHELBY. 0.1 miles Map

10: Turn LEFT onto SC-18 / SHELBY HWY. Continue to follow SC-18 (Crossing into NORTH CAROLINA). 11.0 miles Map

11: Turn LEFT onto COLLEGE AVE / NC-150. 0.4 miles Map

12: Turn RIGHT onto CHARLES RD. 0.3 miles Map

13: Turn RIGHT onto ARNOLD DR. 0.1 miles Map

14: End at 3017 Arnold Dr
Shelby, NC 28152-7503, US Map

Total Est. Time: 1 hour, 36 minutes

When you get a speeding ticket,how many days does it take till you receive it by post?Thanks :)?

go to map quest , it will take you from point A to point B. also
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