How do i find owner of a vechile tag that is out of state? is there a website r someone i need to contact?

i got hit and need to let owner know because it was not him driving... how do i find owner by tag number?


Ive just got a car,i have no adriving license and i need to insurance sb else,who will be insured 1st time?

File a police report and they will run the plate number to identify and notify the owner. Ask the police to have the party contact you. Maybe they will and maybe not.

Someone hit my car & gave police cancelled ins policy & bad phone #, but I have address & license #. Help!!?

How do you know that the owner was not driving? File the police report. They will contact the owner, or should be able to let you know whether or not the car was reported stolen.

Can you transfer car insurance to someone else?

well who is fixing your car. Do you not want to report it?
Your insurance company, the local police, the local dmv office etc can tell you. Many states do offer that service for a fee on line under the freedom of information act. Check that states dmv web site or just call their dmv main office. Search google for their phone number if you can't find it. I am sure it will pop up
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