I hit a car that has no insuarance and was not a valid driver, she hit 2 other cars am I liable for all?

My breaks went out I slid into the back passenger side and scraped the back side of a car that was passing on the cross street which was speeding. She did not have license or insuarnce. She then lost control of her vehicle and hit 2 parked cars spaced out a block down, in result to her hitting the other cars she totaled hers out. Am I responsible for all the cars?


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no, you are only responsible for hitting that one vehicle. she did not maintain control and therefore she is responsible for damage to the two other vehicles she struck

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No you are not. It goes to whoever hit whatever car. If that driver doesn't have insurance then the other driver better pray that they have coverage for uninsured drivers!

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dang, i feel really sorry for you, and i have no answer to that, bettter contact your insurancea agency, but i think u may, because u were the cause of the accident, but i wish you the best of luck!

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no she is she broke the law by not having insurance

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wow alot of crappy answer.

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First... you are definately responsible for her car... unless you live in a state where you have to have insurance to get paid by others.

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As far as the other two cars.. that will depend on your adjuster and the company. She may have overreacted when she hit the other two cars. But if she was pushed into them by you.. you pay for all the cars. (dont listen to the ignorant people who say "everyone is responsible for the car they hit")

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Also... i hate when people say "the other car was speeding". How do you know? did you have a radar? YOU are at fault.. dont try to make someone who isnt seem like they are just b/c you "think" they were speeding (although they are an idiot for not having insurance so i wouldnt doubt it)

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I was envolved in a 3 vehicle wreck in which a van turned in front of a truck and this caused the truck to hit me. The van's insurance company was responsible for all the damages to all vehicles.

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You are responsible for the damage you caused to her car, she is responsible for everything beyond that. So whatever the scrape on the back side of hers would have cost to fix, that is your part to pay, and nothing else.

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Maybe. It depends if she was cited for speeding or not maintaining control after you hit her vehicle.

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More than likely you will be held responsible for causing the accident that forced her vehicle into the other parked vehicles. Not having insurance or a license does not increase her liability for the accident. She will be cited separately for those infractions.

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I agree with FormerGiGi and la428282.

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Well depends..when were your brakes last serviced and who serviced them? It if was recent & you paid to have a repair shop do it they may be liable for shoddy work. If you had your friend do it...too bad.

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If this isn't the case...you're on the hook for the damages even though the other car was speeding. The speed certainly reduces your total liability, however, Joint & Several laws allow the innocent party to recover all their damages from whomever has the bigger pockets, in this case, that would be you since you have insurance.
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