What happens dui?


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DUI is shorthand for "Driving Under (the) Influence" and can mean alcohol or drugs. Typically the driver has done something to attract the attention of an officer, and is stopped and checked. If he appears to be impaired, there is usually a FST (Field sobriety test) done (walk the line type test) and if that is failed there can be a blood, breath or urine test given to establish the presence of drugs or alcohol. In most states if you refuse the test you lose your license since there is "implied consent" that goes along with the privilege to drive.

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You may go to jail, and your car may be impounded. When you get your day in court, if found guilty you can get a fine, and/or lose your license. It is a serious moving violation that will raise your insurance rates, and may lead to the necessity to do an SR 22 filing.

If you report to your insurance?

You get drunk and then you go to drive home and you get to meet the police.

I want to find out why such a small settlement?

whatever the influence.its illegal in any country.i assume you have been charged by the authorities so you will only have to pay the penalty or penalties.

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