Can my insurance rates go up if I report an accident that was no fault of my own?

A hit and run motorist backed into my car and left the scene.. I have a police report but I am afraid my insurance could go up if I make them pay the damage.. can anybody help me out?


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Unless you have collision coverage, your insurance won't pay for the damages. If you do, they will, less your deductible amount. No, if an accident is not your fault, it shouldn't increase your rates whether or not your insurance has to pay out.

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That's what is called uninsured motorist ins. It seems like any claim you put in these days goes against you...

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This would depend on the laws in your state as well as the terms of your specific insurance policy (I have Allstate in Colorado and my policy stipulates that my rates will not go up if the claim is under $1000)

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If the claim is on YOUR insurance and thus YOUR insurance pays out, yes, it can up your rates. The only way to know is to call them and ask.

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Some companies do take into account all accidents, whether you are at fault or not. The only way to find out is to call your agent and ask them.

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File the claim.
Typically, no fault accidents do not count against you. If your company does raise your rates, switch to one that doesn't. There are plenty of companies that would gladly insure you without a penalty or surcharge.

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Ask your agent...the guy who knows.
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