Is there any websites where you can find out a full detail of a car..?

i.e car made,engine size, year of reg etc when you put car registration number?


Russell Thomas or Terry Gower?

Yes, for vehicles newer that 1981, plug the 17 digit VIN in under record check on

Auto financing?

You can find out about engine sizes, models, makes for every year at I don't know about registration numbers though...

I just purchased a salvage vehicle with temporary plates can i go register it or i have to go to inspection?

yes it is, just have you VIN# ready! Vehicle Identification Number.
go to ;

What to do to add hi-ab/small skip waggon to licence?

If this is for insurance purposes as in your previous questions, I know this isn't what you are looking fro but it will help:

What exactly do you have to have to get your Drivers license at a DMV in Charlotte N.C?

Replace my driver's license?

Go for cars in groups 1,2 and 3

Can u please help?

Remember before buying the car do a few quotes first so you get an idea on how much the insurance will cost.

What are handbooks for?

Also if you go to Directline and did a insurance quote, type in the reg and the car details will be displayed with the quote.
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