Can a small claims be dismissed after so many yrs?

I had a car accident in 1998 and the auto insurance company sued me in small claims court. They took away my drivers license. I dont have the funds to pay this. I went to a meditor and things didnt work out because I lost my job. How can I get my license back or do I have to repay this first. Is there any statue of limitations or something where after so many years I can reinstate my license without having to worry about paying this bill. Please help Im in despart need for my license.


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You haven't said how much money we are looking at, I make the bet that you have had the money to pay the debt owed and just haven't paid it. This isn't fair to the rest of us. I say that you should pay it as this is the right and decent thing to do. I will also say if you get caught driving a car or truck with out the license that you should spend time in the county lock up, I know that these are had words to hear but put yourself on the other side of this question. I have a judgment against a man and a woman they did over $15,000 damage to my house and they walked a way leaving a clean up cost of over $5000 as well, I ended up selling the house at a $40,000 loss. The bottom line is I am out $40,000 and the judgment is for $3500, I sure hope that there is no Statue of Limitations

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The only way you have a chance of getting out of this is filing for bankruptcy.
Other then that you cant get outta it. Even then you might not be able to get out of it because its a personal judgment against you. The only thing that's going to happen over time is the interest will keep adding up and you will owe more and more.

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You will be required to pay the judgement settled on by the court. The only option you have available is, a license that allows you to drive to and from work, at given times, on given days. This would allow you to be gainfully employed. Expect your wages to be garnished shortly after becoming employed, there is a judgement that you are responsible for, the people that received the judgement against you, must have good cause. The judgement can be renewed year after year, until the debt is paid. There would be no limitations to my knowledge, contact the court, they should be able to tell you. Face the demons, accept responsibilty for your actions, then when it's time, you will start getting the things you have worked for.

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You'll have to pay what you owe but you might try to work out a payment plan.

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So, you just think that after a couple years you shouldnt have to pay back for the damages you caused when you didnt have any insurance? YOU WILL ALWAYS OWE IT UNTIL YOU PAY. its very selfish to think that you could get out of this without paying- you did the crime.. you do the time (or in this case... pay the money).

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I have no idea, but I know who'd know for sure.
They're a non-profit who helps people work out how to pay their bills. Talk to em, they shouldn't charge you any money.

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They may even be able to negotiate for you with the insurance company, for a payment plan or settlement. They will want to look at your whole financial picture, so they can reasonably counsel you on how to make everything work. If you don't want to disclose account numbers etc. for security reasons, that's ok. If you can't bear to see your financial reality, get over that. Own your life starting now.

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Try an occupational waiver

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Consider also: Cities like Chicago, San Francisco or NYC are set up so life is actually better without a car. And of course you're in the city, so it's very cosmopolitan. Rent's higher but wages are higher still, and no car expenses, so you're miles ahead.

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There is no StatuTe of limitations (not a statue, for goodness sake!) for judgments. Once you have one against you it stays there until satisifed. You'll have to determine if you can pay it or work something out where they agree to take a lesser sum and then mark the judgment satisfied with the court which would then clear your license.

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Bankruptcy is an option, but you'd have to check the bankruptcy laws to determine how this judgment would be handled.
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