I was on my way to work yesterday, clearly passed the intersection and was hit by a truck making a left turn.?

the truck (commercial truck--18 wheeler) took out my entire back bumper and some scratches to the left side of my car. should i go through my insurance company to get my car fixed or the drivers insurance? Who will pay me back for my deductible and when i leave the car at the shop, who pays for me to get a rental car and the money i lost from work. i don't have personal days or sick days from my job. so if i don't work, i don't get paid. unfortunately i have to wait to get the police report to find out who the drivers insurance company is, i didn't get that info at the scene.


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Most insurance companies depending on you have will subrogate against the other parties insurance if they make any type of pay out to have your car fixed. This may include your ded, and then again it may not.. Its not always a guarantee they will be able to get the money back, or how long it will take... Now if you have rental coverage on your policy then you would be able to use that, if you dont and you file with your insurance. I would recommend finding a body shop that gives free loaner veh's.. If you file with the other parties insurance they are not going to authorzie a rental until they find there insd liable... If you dont have it on your own insurance policy then you insurance company will not auth one, they may tell you to just wait and file with other party... Also as far as coverage for time off work, again if you have it on your insurance policy, and depending on what state you live in you may be able to use it with your insurance. The other company will not cover anything until they find there insd liable, they may just tell you to keep all related receipts for adj to review.. I would recommend in this case if you have comp, and coll to file with you own company, and let them hammer out the details with other company.

Can someone tell me what this means?

Made Police report (in 24 Hours-(your locations),file a claim with truck's insurance company for damages,any others - losses such as wages,time waste,taxi fares -travelling expensive,traumatized - definitely police will have the owner insurance coverage -policy or motor vehicle registration dept (road transport-minimal fee to be paid) if persists looks for an attorney or joined us at laborlawtalk.com (labor law talk)

Auto Insurance...?

I have the same story, only i was the driver who hit someone's car. Same situation tho, also intersection etc etc. The guy who I hit had to phone my insurances legal dept and they sort it out from there. In your situation, his insurance will cover it, no questions asked, provided he hasn't changed his story somewhere along the line. Do you have a witness? next time make sure you get all the drivers details, and be friendly so that they co-operate with you- makes the whole ordeal much less stressful :) As for car rental, I have been without my car for 3 weeks to date (I'm fetching it this afternoon!!!) and as i did not ask for car rental to be added in with my insurance I had to pay an arm and a leg to get a hired car, so I've been geting lifts to work and back. Can you not take a bus or somehting? Good luck!

Ok... So I need a little help and advise on how I should approach someone who owes me a couple hundred dollars

If this was a intersection without any traffic signals you were in the wrong. The vehicle to the right has the right-a-way. If you said the truck was making a left turn then it was coming from your right. Or were you coming head on to each other? that may be a different story.

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most states have a $500.00 must report do the report to your insurance guy the state will hang ya and if your clearly right his company should get your deductible
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