Auto accident caused by Black Ice, no other cars involved.?

Here's what happened, my older brother 40yrs old just called me and told me he just got into an accident, apparently he ran over a black ice that caused him to lose control of his SUV, big damage, there was no other cars involved, there was a police report. Paramedics asked him if he need to go to ER, he said no.. an hour or so later he told me that his back is in pain so i told him to go the emergency room to have it checked right away. He has a premium insurance with state farm. What can he do in his case? What will the insurance company do for him? he never had an accident and he's been with his insurance company for 15yrs. thanks


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Since this was an at fault accident, (he was going too fast for conditions), the insurance will only cover his damages if he has collision as to his vehicle. Medical may be covered, call the agent and find out for sure.

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I now form experience. DO NOT TRUST THE INSURANCE COMPANY AND DO NOT SIGN ANY OF THERE FORMS UNTIL YOU CONTACT AN INJURY LAWYER. the lawyers will do it on a no pay until you win bases and the insurance company only has 1 weasel out of this. GET A LAWYER YESTERDAY !

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If he has collision coverage, then his car insurance will pay to fix the damage after the detuctible.

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His health insurance will pay to fix his injuries.

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What do you want his insurance co. to do for him? If he has full coverage, his company should cover the vehicle damage and medical, less his deductible.

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If he has collision coverage on his vehicle then State Farm will pay for the damages to his vehicle minus the deductible. Some states have medical payments or personal injury protection on the policy to cover the medical bills. He will have to check with his agent.

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His premium will go up. This will be considered an at fault accident.

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Many (most) states do not cover driver/owner injury under the auto policy. Your brother only needs to call his agent to find out his options.

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dont listen to daniel g, he does not need a lawyer. if he was the only one in the accident, there is nobody to sue. your insurance just pays for your medical bills. does not pay you pain and suffering under your own policy, just the pain and suffering that any party you harmed incurs. if they dont pay the med bills that should be covered by his policy, then he may need a lawyer but thats the only reason.
if he has medical payment covrage on his insurance they will pay for his med bills, especially if there was major damage.
also, if the police report says there was black ice he has a chance of making it a 50/50 case in which his rates would not go up. its kinda something you have to bargain with the rep about if the police report says there was black ice.
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