How long for a settlement check for bodily injury & how much?

Husband was injured in car accident in Jan 2007, serious injury to arm, finished with dr's appts. and physical therapy, ready to settle. How long does this usualy take, and how much is good settlement? All dr's bills and hospital bills have already been submitted. Do make a settlement offer first or let them and work from there?

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One website estimated with dr's bills and lost wages, about $24,000-$47,00. Does this seem right? I was thinking about $30,00 because of the permanent scarring abd stuff like that but i have no clue.


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Multiply your medicals by 2 and this is an idea of what your settlement should be.

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umm lemme check,i will be back in a while

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Whatever is left, after your lawyer gets through with it.
Good Luck.

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This varies state by state, and especially region by region. You could call your local court and ask the clerk of court or someone how to get this sort of information. Usually you would have an attorney and they would tell you. Attorneys take 33% of the settlement, though, and they are not always worth a penny. I think there may be a way to figure the settlement from the amount of bills and lost wages, but I am not sure.

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In my experience, insurance companies will do everything they can to keep you from getting what you have paid for. That is from two accidents I was in, one hit by a drunk driver while I was at a stop light, the other a pizza delivery boy ran a stop sign and hit me.

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I hope your husband is OK and can use his arm and has no more pain. I will always hurt and money can't change that! Acupuncture helps though.

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The answer to your question is they will pay you off real fast so there liability is over.
I wouldn't settle with them now. Wait at least a year because other problems that may come up and if you settle your out in the cold.
If he get arthritis in winter, head aches and the like if settled you just have to live with it or pay from you own pocket. Company insurance from work won't as its a preexisting condition. They should pay the Dr. and Hospital now and will owe you a settlement over and above that. if all is well in 10-12 months talk money with them.

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No, i would say you shouldn't expect 47k. I can't see the scar, and normally scar cases can't be settled within a month or two because the scar needs to heal and the injured person and the insurance company both need to know what the best case scenario is for a permanent scar. You didn't say anything about his age and some other factors that weigh here. In addition the location of this accident is a crucial factor. 30k may even be too much, but it just depends on some things.

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You should tell them what you want to settle and then they will make an offer to settle. You'll negotiate to a number you can both agree on. After an agreement is reached a release of all liabiilty will be sent to you and you'll have to sign it. After you sign it and send it back they will send a check. So the time is undetermined for this question. Just depends.

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You are in a better position if you let them come to the table with their offer first (if you go in with a request for $25k and they were thinking $40 you have shortchanged yourself.

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A better way of dealing with it might be to put them on notice in writing that

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a) All the bills are in and now paid by you.. (copies of which are available). Loss of earnings (interest) on the monies you have advanced.

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b) You have healed with the following result: Provide medical report as to your status.

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c) Other projected expenses are.. (future earnings, disability, etc..)

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d) Unquantified issues are: (loss of family 'bliss' for you, missed vacations, outings that affected YOU - not your husband, etc..

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Lay all that out for them and then request that they respond on or before a reasonable date or you intend to pursue the matter in court.

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Wait and see.. they will either call your bluff (in which case you will likely see that they may have intended to simply wait you out) or they will come in with an offer that you can consider.

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After they act or fail to, you will know what road to take. The bottom line here is to put them on a fixed and defined timetable - something it sounds like you have not yet done.

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good luck

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