Why do some states force you to have a front license plate?

Is there a reason other than revenue creation?


Car insurance...?

Imagine you are a school bus driver, and a car coming toward you doesn't stop when you are letting children off. He has a front plate, which you see and record, so the miscreant can be visited by the gendarmes and charged. Imagine a hit and run driver, spotted by your neighbour speeding toward him after damaging your car, and the neighbour spots the front plate. There are many instances like this where a front plate can be useful in bringing a dangerous or criminal driver to justice. It only makes sense that a witness is more likely to spot one of two plates than one of one. Not to mention rear plates are more often obsured by mud or snow than front plates. So don't think of it as being "forced" think of it as being protected.

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So that pedestrians can get the number of the truck BEFORE it hits them.

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HA HA I like the read the number before they get hit!

Does anyone know of a website that shows what India drivers licenses look like for the different states?

It is so that your number can be read from the front or back, making it easier to identify your vehicle. So you don't have to be behind the vehicle to get it.


Easier identification of vehicle. I dont know how it would create revenue... it costs more to make twice as many license plates... I guess if you get ticketed for it...

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It's so when a camera catches you speeding or running a red light the authorities will be able to identify who to mail the ticket to.

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You know it is all about money! The state legislature has decided here in Indiana, that the cost is too much to have twice as many plates created to have plates on front and back of all vehicles. Also, storing all those plates is another consideration.
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