Driving for tesco.com Can you drive for fourteen hours without a brake?


How do you register a pontoon boat? Without the original owner at hand?


Out of town, lost drivers license!?

You cannot drive all those hours without breaks.
Please do not do it, I had a brother who was 'forced' to drive long hours and other drivers too, my brother died at the wheel.
One of the owners of the company is still in prison for maing his drivers drive too many hours, but this will not bring my beloved brother back to me.

Criminal record for driving without car insurance?

yeah..but you might end up in a ditch?

Safeco Auto Isurance?

Probably not. You'll probably have to pee and eat. I guess you can get around that by bringing lots of snacks in the car with you, and I've heard of these bag things that you can pee into and it turns it into a kind of gel (a family friend uses them in his airplane, which has no bathroom). Regardless, you're going to have to stop for gas at least once (the average car does not hold enough to go for 14 hours).

What are my options?

I wouldn''t drive anywhere without a brake!!

Is there any way to search for auto accident reports online?

But if you mean a break try this

What would happen if you gt caught driving without a license?


Road taxexemption form?

No, its illegal.
Your tacho will also show it - this is your responsibility, not Tesco. Tesco are not breaking the law, it is the drivers responsiblity to take a break.

What happens if you...?

I really hope you mean a break and not a brake!
I don't know the exact laws, but I thought the maximum you can drive for is 5-6 hours.

How many points can i get before my license is suspended in VA?

No No NO If you drive for four hours you must have a minimum break of at least 45 minutes. You should not drive for more than 9 hours in one day. Then you must have a rest period of 8 hours.

Auto financing?

Visit the VOSA website

Snopes.com If you recieve a traffic violation in FL. do the points transfer to N.J.?

you can only drive a max of 4 1/2 hr and then you must have 3/4 hr break you can then drive for 4 1/2 hrs and then on 2 times you can have 3/4 hr break and drive for a further 1 hr before your daily rest period

I have a car on finance its just been wrote off?

If your in a transit (no tacho) then there are no restrictions. One day i drove for 16 hours and covered 680miles, i was working for a sameday courier company at the time. I wouldnt recommend it to anyone, but i needed the money. I would say after 10 hours of driving your concentration definatley decreases therefore increasing the risk of having an accident.

Does anyone know the regulations for driving a Vespa?

It's illegal. Even in an office or another job no-one works 14 hours straight without a break.

Am i allowed to have a car registered and insured to me at a different adress to the one im living in?

There are restrictions - here's a useful one : http://www.transportcafe.co.uk/new_drive...

If have a tag# how do I find out whos it is?

No mate, your tacho would show it up. Your fleet manager should be checking your Tacho often and would be unhappy if you had. You/Tesco could be served with a Man slaughter charge under new laws if a fatality occured and your tacho showe you hadnt had a break!
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