I am looking at becoming a taxi driver and i am looking for quotes for insurance?

i need to find out how much it would cost me for hire and reward car insurance for the taxi and chauffering service on britians roads and if possible if i am able to pay with weekly payments


I lost control of my vehicle and hit a telephone pole. I left the scene to find a telephone to call for help.

Call the local Council who will tell you what you have to do to get a licence. You need this first otherwise looking for the specialist insurance will be futile. There are Yellow Pages adverts for the insurance but the Local Authority will know of these too. Good Luck.

An anyone tell me if i need a photo driving licence to hire a car in USA or is the paper one still valid thank

do we look like insurance agents to you..go to car insurance on WWW

Where can I insure an Astro Starcraft in ireland?

If it's anything like it is here (USA) you will be considered a commercial business and will need to upgrade your drivers license to carry passengers. As a new commercial enterprise, with no track record, you will be hard pressed to find insurance at all (no one seems to want to take a risk for a new business) and if you do, they will want to be paid for 12 months, in full to issue the policy.

My rental car states I can use 200 miles a day,if I use 100 miles 1 day then 300 the next would they know?

When I started I had no choice but Lloyd's of London until I filed taxes the first year and had a track record. Even now, with one commercial vehicle, I pay almost $5,000 per year due on May 1 every year.

Does anyone know what kind of car the guy is driving in the AARP commercial? Old car old cell phone?

As you're on a UK site I presume you're in the UK. First thing to think of is investigating what to do about getting the necessary licence, no point in looking at insurance until then.

How do i get points off from my driving record?

ure looking about £1200 for fully comp, for hire n reward taxi insurance, giv CIS insurance a call

What's a good tittle for my paper on the legal age for driving a car?

You will only get insurance through a broker local to you.
Check yellow pages for a decent sized insurance broker, independant type, and have an office in your town.
You find that Taxi insurance is specialized, and few web sites can actually quote for taxi work.
First year insurance is very expensive.
Good luck.
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