Can i contest my speeding fine? Its from 20/11/2006 surely thats too long ago?

Also what do i do as my drivers license is currently with the police getting 3points put on it, taking me to 6. T***TS!


Why do u need drivers license, yet u dont need baby license? Or vote License?

Were you notified of the offence within 14 days? Be honest now. If not then you can contest the fine. They might say that you were notified. It is up to them to prove that you were notified. Such letters were at one time sent by recorded delivery but to save money this practise was stopped.
By the sound of it though you are a persistent law breaker and probably did speed at that time.

Excluded Driver?

you can't. and no that is not to long ago. that was only 3 months ago.

What do you have to do to get your license at 16??

You reckon a tad over three months is too long..... I don't think so!

Old Liscense plates?

I was pretty sure the police have to serve the fine on you within 2 weeks otherwise it's statute barred. It shold be on the below link:

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phone em up and tell em you want it to go to court if you have enough evidence to say you weren't driving or you weren't driving it that day something like that, other than that it is tough titties take it on the chin like a man and stop whining

Do you need a license to drive a vespa in italy?

If you're in the u.k, then yes, you can. They should have sent it to you within 2 weeks of the 'offence'. How are you supposed to know who was driving from that long ago ;-) Ask for photographic evidence to see who was driving a tthe might have let your friend from Afghanistan borrow your car! Good luck & go get 'em.

Being ignored by the person who admittedly damaged car, what can we do?

Try www.stopspeedingticket or www.stopthatticket
these are useful sites

Is there a site ?

You should have received an N.I.P (Notice of Intended Prosecution) within 2 weeks of the original offence.

Does anyone know of any websites that provide information on European/International car insurance companies?

The courts then have up to six months to send you a summons - until May 20th 2007, in this case.

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Absolutely, Call an attorney that specializes in reducing charges for speeding tickets. This can be time consuming but well worth it. The attorney then will send a letter to the office of town justice where the offense was made. They will barter for the lowest conviction the town will swallow. I've had speeding tickets knocked down to: Seat belt infractions, traffic devices, and a Mastercraft boat sticker in the rear window. The information for you is to always strive to get speeding tickets reduced because your insurance company gets notified and your insurance rates go up for three to four years. My attorney charges $125.00 to do the paper work. In NY. the offending driver pays the full cost of the original violation when we appear in court. Go for it and pay attention to your speed. Good luck.

How old do u have to b to get ur drivers licence do u have to b 15 or what?

Mat have a look at the Peppipoo website for assistance in that they will help as they hate this stealth tax as much as anyone else

Do I have grounds for a law suit?

nothing way too late hopefully you paid that fine and that means it was closed. I would just drive very careful for the next couple of years and pick up a decent radar detector but realize they are not 100%

Paid suspension?

have a look here

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