I've waited +2 weeks for NJ plates for a car I bought, and still dont have them! Is that too long?


Do i need to wait on my insurance documents coming in the post..?

2 weeks is the usual time. more than that is too long, especially if your temporary tags are expiring on you.

As I am no longer allowed to discriminate on an age basis why is my insurance company allowed to do so.?

Try 2 months, you cannot expect a Government agency to have any urgency.

Car repair LAWS?

New? Used? Dealer purchase? Private party? Not enough information to answer. Did you apply for new plates? Do you have a temporary plate?

What do you need to get the registration sticker for your car?

Generally, 30 days or less.

Can you get an inspection sticker for an unregistered car?

Why didn't you just go to the DMV and get them? I got mine in 20 minutes. I didn't have to wait. And I live in NJ.

How long they take to issue the pass plus certificate after sending the training report?

All you have to do is go to the DMV and get them.
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