Difference between a UK and European Driving licence?

My brother has just passed his driving test and so has one of my friends but my brother was issued a green European Driving licence where as my friend was issued a pink UK one and my brother is curious as to why because they both had the same driving instructor and used the same test centre and hes wondering whether it matters that his an EU licence


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It's curious that your brother and your friend were issued with different types, even though they each passed the test at around the same time, in the same area, etc., but it would seem that your brother's has been issued well in advance of the implementation date of a new initiative passed by the Euro Council. This is an article dated 22nd Dec 2006: 'The familiar green UK driving licence is on the way out. A single European permit, valid for up to 15 years, will be introduced within seven years to replace all the current versions. This follows the EU transport committee's decision to introduce a document that will be issued to every driver and motorcyclist across Europe.' ALSO from the BBC website dated 14.12.2006: 'The European parliament has given final approval to the creation of a European driving licence, which will replace the many national licences used in the EU. The credit card-style licence, with photograph and possibly a microchip, WILL START TO BE INTRODUCED IN 2013. The EU hopes it will improve security and prevent people disqualified in one country getting a licence in another. National governments have a choice of whether to issue the new forgery-proof licences for 10 or 15 years.'

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the pink one is european it has the european flag on it

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There is no such thing at present as an EU driving licence, all countries within the EU have pretty much standardised the appearance by making them with the stars of europe flag on them, currently there are 110 variations of driving licence currently in circulation with the EU member states. The EU is aiming to streamline these over the next few years, a green licenec in the UK usualy means its a provisional, i.e is one used to drive a car under instruction and has not passed their driving test, check out the DVLA website
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