Drivers license?

ok so ive had my permit for longer than a year but i dont know if i can get my license cause i am enrolled in a online schooling program but i dont do my work yea i know i should and im gonna do it now and i checked my permit number online and it says its valid so shouldnt i be able to still get my license? cause if i wasnt wouldnt my permit be suspended for not going to school?


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drivers permits r only good for 1 year u can not get ur lic or even take ur test now if u dont have a experied permit and if it said invaild online the means its most likely been over a year and its experied so u will now have to go take the writen test againand get a new permit before u can even finish drives ed bc they wont let u drive with out it

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i thought permits expire in 3 years or something? but ehhh,, 2007 , a lot of new laws, i am not even sure whats new right now. But, since u say, u checked and ur permit is valid, go take your license test right away before it really expires

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You have to show a certificate of completion to get the license upgraded. Finish the classes then take the tests. There's a lot that you have to know to pass.
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