If im insured fully comp am i insured to drive any car?

Looking for insurance for my car but i drive more than 1 car,


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Sort of. The standard auto policy EXCLUDES coverage for any car in your household, NOT listed on the policy. That means, if you own three cars, you can't just "insure one" and then the other two are insured if you drive them. It also won't carry over onto an uninsured car furnished for your regular use.

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Your policy USUALLY will carry over onto a "temporary substitute vehicle", under certain circumstances - namely, your primary vehicle has to be in the shop for repairs or maintenance. Also, collision and comprehensive do NOT necessarily carry over.

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You'll need to get the exact answer from your own agent, familiar with both your policy form, and your state laws.

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you will be insured 'third party only' on another persons car IF that person has valid insurance and you have permission - there may be exclusions on your policy (eg you have a fiesta and your mate has a ferrari, you may not be insured for that!) Read the policy documents

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You will have to check your policy to get that information.

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Normally it is the vehicle that is insured not the driver. A quick e-mail to your agent and they should be able to answer your question. I suggest email because then you have a paper trail if something should come up to question.

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In the UK most comprehensive policies cover you to drive any car as long as it is insured by the keeper and you have their permission to drive.

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If you own multiple cars, put them all on the same insurance, you will receive discounts. In regards to the question, you need to read your policy, it likely has exclusions if you borrow a car from someone, or if someone lives with you and has access to your vehicles. Don't just assume you have coverage because you carry comp/collison coverage, the policy wording is the key.

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Yes, you can drive any car you are given permission to drive. You will be covered under the insurance policy for the car you are driving, not yours, which only covers your vehicle.

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If you had a valid drivers license, and absolutely NO insurance, you would still be covered under the policy on the borrowed vehicle for that matter. Again, cars, not people, are insured.

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Yes you can drive any car.. but you are covered third party only. if it belongs to someone else .
If you own both of the cars ..no you cant drive them both
you wont be covered for in the car that is not insured
you can have two policies like me ..well i have 3 policies on my name as the main driver ..it works out cheaper
i have them on my name rather then my G/friend and i have one for my young brother ..
you can ask for a permission to drive the cars from your insurers .i think they give you a month grace but it will cost you around £40 to £50 ..you will need to insure your self eventually
I see you got response from USA .over there it is the cars that is insured .not the people unlike here ..that is why we pay fortunes in UK..lol

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Look at your insurance certificate, I'm not entitled to drive anther car it says on the bottom of the certficate.

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ok ,you have to specify the car or cars reg. etc when you apply it means only them cars are covered. full comp means you can get yours mended or a pay out if you get damage. i hope this helps.
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