What is the Penalty for driving a car without your license, but you have a learners permit in PA.?

yeah, i dont have my license yet, but i have my permit. what happens if i get caught driving w/o a person w/ a license in the car with me..

TX law of buying a vechical?

PA. state law?


Does anyone know of a website that shows what India drivers licenses look like for the different states?

You will lose your permit, and not be illegible to apply for a license until 18. Is it worth it?

AAA Auto Extended Warranty?

Loss of your permit.

Car rental insurance? do i need it?

u will be considered the same as driving without a license. only if a licensed driver does the permit even become valid. solo, its like u dont even have a permit. u'll get a heavy fine, and if u are under 18, u'll wind up being denied a license until then.

Have you ever taken the council or highways department to court ?

They take your permit and you can forget trying to get a license

In the state of Wisconsin?

Dont know exactly about Pa laws. but in Tennessee you wont be able to get a license till you're 21
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