What is the penalty for driving with no insurance?


Do you need a learners permit to get your liscense if your 18 in illinois?

A Fine and in certain circumstances, Prison--or both. Repeat offenders can be disqualified.

Automobile claim?


What small cars are in a low insurance group?

Each country has its own laws. If you are in the US, each state's laws are different. It depends on where you are.

I live in CA and I need to get a copy of my NC car title FAST. How can I have someone get it for me?

A ticket.

My friend claim he killed someone in a car accident in Feb07 and ask for my help. Anywhere I can verfify this?

Definite driving ban, hefty fine and a strong possibility of a prison sentence. (UK)

Car accident with no insurance - CA?

Its called an
in10. Minimum 6 points £200 fine
Make sure you have a plausible excuse though

How much does it cost to have a car registered at the DMV?

7 points plus a fine of probably £200

How to register vehicles in missouri to replace lost vehicles?

(U.S.) In some states it is a hefty fine ($750+), jail time, a suspension of license, or a suspension of plates. It just depends where you live. A friend of mine lives in N.C. He let his insurance lapse for 15 days, the insurance company reported him, and he was sent a bill for $50. Unfortunately he did not get the payment out in time and now the state has taken his plates for 30 days.

What is the order in which you get a drivers license?

Being screwed when you crash.

External costs of cars?

Depends on where you live. In New York state, the DMV charges a fine for each day you are without insurance. They will also suspend your license. If you are caught driving, you will be given an appearance ticket or jail time and your car will be towed.

Had a car accident. Don't believe I was at fault. What do you think?

ban and fine if in the UK.

Insurers in the UK?

In this lefty,Labour run country of ours..probably a slap on the wrist..not too hard..human rights,you know.

Where can I search online 2 see if an auto title has a lienholder?

at least 6 points and a fine, in the UK. Possibly a ban too. A friend of mine got caught driving without insurance (he thought he was insured, but it turns out the car he was driving needed to have its own insurance to be covered on his policy), he said this in court and got the minimum, 6 points and £200.

How can I obtain a CDL license in Oregon what are the steps any help appreciated?

In the UK you can receive 3 points, or a ban & a fine

I was driving/plowing in the snow and rolled back on a hill into another car who is at fault?

They also can take you car away. You then have a choice for them to impound your car until you can produce a valid insurance certificate. You will then have to pay the impound fees.

Driving permit?

Or you sign a document to say that you will not collect the car and they will crush it.

What year would car GRU 834 have been Registered?

if you are in an accident and do not have insurance, you will be paying by being sued by the other party. you will get a ticket and have points put on and will may be put in jail. when you go for your tag for the car, they look to see if you don't have car insurance and if you don't have insurance, you don't get the tag and driving without a renewed tag, you get jail time. also they will take your license away and driving without a license you can get jail time also

Worldpoints platinum plus visa covers Auto Rental Collision Damage ? if yes for how many days?

Only a real problem if you hit something or somebody - you are not insured and probably will have to pay out of your own pocket. Try killing someone with your car to find out how much that will be. Why do you think it is an option not to have insurance?

My insurance company doesn't want to renew my car insurance due to accident I had. What should I do?

In the UK, it's 6 - 8 points and a fine anywhere between £200 and £5000, plus possible disqualification. In some areas you may be given the option of having your car seized on the spot & crushed instead.

Backed into while in a driveway, what are the options?

Not severe enough.

How do i get someone to take over car payments?

It depends on where you live.all the way down to the city.

If I apply to renew my driver's licence?

I had to go to traffic court once in Overland Park, KS, and there were about 30 people in there...all of them were there because a year ago they had been caught without insurance, and had to report to court several times per year with proof that they have had continuous auto insurance coverage with no lapses.

I failed my DMV test?

That was an additional penalty in addition to having to pay a large fine. I am sure the car was impounded, which costs money as well. I don't think that jail is a penalty unless that person has other violations or warrants.

Michigan drivers licens??

in texas about 500

Locating driver by license plate.?

in the uk its 6-8 points plus means tested fine, maximum is 6months prison or £2000 fine. its also classed as a criminal offence and not motoring. your driving license will have the code IN10 on it, the insurance companies will then surcharge you upon renewal

How can I obtain an International Driver's License?

UK: 6-8 points on licence and a fine

Car ownership?

I would like to see a ban and prison sentance for this offensive and a fine.

Moving to pennsylvania?

All depends on the situation, if you are just caught by the police its points and the fine, but if you were involved in accident it could potentialy cost you everything you own. As the third party would not be able to claim from your insurers they would sue you directly for any damage to vehicles, property, and most importantly injuries, modern claims can go into millions, larget claim paid was £57,000,000 from one car policy. If you have no money they will put you in prison.

Cheapest insurance company for convicted drivers?

8 points and a fine from 100 to 500 pounds depending on your income. I speak from experience
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