Excluded Driver?

My wife listed me as an excluded driver (for one reason or another, who knows?) on her insurance. I have my own car and my own insurance (this car doesn't run at the moment). Am I OK to drive her car or not?


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no. you are not ok to drive her vehicle. If you do, and there is an accident. the insurance will not provide coverage at all to anyone.

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No.. Because if she listed you as an excluded driver, and you get in an accident .. Most likely her insurance will dispute paying out any damages...

What if someone totals their car and has no insurance!?

absolutely not, that's what excluded driver means-- you drive and they pay nothing. You would be in violation of the state laws, as well.

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exclude (v.) To prevent from being included, considered, or accepted; reject: The court excluded the improperly obtained evidence.

Car Insurance for 16 Year old Boy in CA?

You can't drive her car.

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YES, her insurance would deny coverage for you, your insurance would kick at that point.

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However, be sure to read YOUR policy for this to be sure.

Is it mandatory to condut a sport survay in case of a road accident to claim the package policy benifit?

Only if your policy states you can drive all owned and non-owned vehicles.
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