My husband totaled my car and it has no...?

insurance. It was with a school bus on the interstate and involved, I think 2 other cars. My car was the ony one totaled. '96 Honda Civic LX, State Trooper estemated $10,000 in damages. My husband was ok...flung around but the bus driver was rushed to the hospital because she complained of neck pain. What do we do? I am sure we are going to be sued. If we get insurance today...will that do anything?!


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NO getting insurance today wont help at all...that's why you shouldn't drive without insurance. Im glad your husband is OK. Good luck

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Getting insurace today won't help. You're basically SOL. Find a lawyer.

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Sorry for your trouble, but buying insurance today will do nothing, and is unethical. You should be responsible and buy insurance for everything you drive.

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Good Luck.

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depends on who's at fault
need more info

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You're pretty much screwed. Get ready to pay a lot of money for a long time. Since you didn't have insurance at the time of the accident getting insurance now will not help anything. However, if you are going to drive in the future you need to get insurance before you start driving!

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No. You getting insurance right now won't matter one bit to the accident that happened before. And because of the accident, you're more likely to be paying much more than you would have had you not been insured like you were supposed to to begin with.

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You're fully liable for damages, so the best you can do is get a hold of a good accident lawyer. If you can be proved to be 0% at fault, then you're just hosed for losing your car.

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But if he's found to be liable for blame, well... you're S.O.L.

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was it your husbands fault? was he ticketed? You need insurance but getting it now won't help in this matter...but when / if you go to court you'd better have will also probably get a notice in the mail saying his drivers license will be suspended unless proof of insurance is provided...

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No any insurance yo get now won't cover this accident. You guys are in big trouble. If all parties involved sue you you could lose everything you own. Next time make sure you have insurance. Good Luck.

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Driving without insurance is illegal. You gambled and lost. Be prepared to pay up.

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You unfortunately should hope for the best being uninsured and in a wreck is pretty bad you need to get a lawyer most likely though the other people will have insurance and their insurance will pay your husband will most likely be looking at loosing his license and probably having to pay something for this in restitution..If you don't have insurance you don't need to be putting a car on the road someone hit me from behind while i was stopped at a red light and totalled my car which she didn't have insurance she should have went to jail i called her she said she would call back and never did.

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Put on some tangerine lip gloss and answer the door when the Insurance man rings the bell?

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You need to get insurance to keep your license. They will file a SR-22 for you in the state you reside in, but this will not help your situation now. Wait and see what the insurance companies do, before you consult a lawyer. BUT, I would talk to one now, so he won't be caught off guard.

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I do not know what state you live in but insurance is date and time
stamped if effective the day you purchase it. If you purchase insurance for a future effective date it starts at 12:01 A.M. (this is done to avoid situations like this people buying coverage after the accident) Driving with insurance is a smart idea but, in the case of the accident you are closing the barn door after the horse ran out.


Getting insurance now is like locking the barn door AFTER the cows get out. A person has to be insured at the time an accident occurs. Why was your husband driving your car if it has no insurance? Did you know he took the car? In many states, if not all states, a driver must have proof of insurance & if not, there are serious repercussions.namely, being sued, etc.. I get very upset when I hear of non insured drivers being in accidents, where there are bodily injuries to the other driver & passengers. I guess what I think doesn't matter. You may need to secure a lawyer, but wait to see what happens. As for your car, take it to the nearest junkyard if it's not there already.

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Was it his fault? If it was, please enlist the help of a lawyer. If it wasn't his fault, the most that you will get is a ticket for no insurance and the totaled car (which, by the way, you can sell for scrap parts). Getting insurance now is not going to help you at all, but please gain a lesson and purchase insurance next time. In the state of Texas it is mandatory to have insurance, but they don't do much to enforce it. Good luck.

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No, getting insurance after the fact won't help a bit. That would be complete insanity on the part of an insurer.

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It sounds like you are in real sticky situation. If your state has a mandatory insurance or financial responsibility law, the State will probably charge with that offense as well. The only course of action I can see is to get a good attorney. I can't imagine any way that, even the greatest, lawyer could make this go away. Your efforts at this point should be to minimize the damage as much as possible.

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Hypothetically; if I were in this situation I think I would try to convert as much of my paycheck as possible to CASH. Then hide it. I.E. I would try to get as much money as possible out of any audit trail that currently exists. The worst that can happen is you get caught. And make sure your attorney knows everything you are doing.

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I can't condone what you did and frankly feel you deserve about anything that happens. I think I'll wish you Luck anyway. You will probably need a considerable amount just to prevent this from ruining the rest of your life.

Car accident-do i have to pay excess and cost of repair?

If you don't live in a state with no fault insurance, and if you don't live in a state that makes the driver without insurance automatically at fault, and if the accident wasn't his fault, (that's a lot of "if" I know) you should be okay. Whoever is responsible for the accident would cover your losses in that case.

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So, to get a more specific answer, we will need more detail. Who is at fault?

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You should probably flee to mexico.

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If your state is a no fault state then... the other drivers involved cant sue you for damages, except for what was NOT covered (or payed to them) by there insurance company. they may find away around it though... Also, everyone else is right, getting insurance now wont help your situation... Im glad noone was seriously injured. Just make sure you and yor husband are more careful and responsible in the future...

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Good luck!

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'Under a pure no fault system, drivers would be completely covered by their own policy, and would be barred from ever suing another driver for damages.'

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YOu will probably get alot of wrong answers on here b/c people hear "no fault" state and dont know what that means. As a claims adjuster in Florida I can tell you the truth- all no fault state means in florida is everyone has to primirily go through their insurance for injuries (80% of medicals, 60% of lost wages)

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What this means is.. if the other insurance company finds you at fault... your husband will be responsible for all the repairs to the other vehicles involved, the rental they were required to get when out of their car and. the medical bills that were not covered by the hurt drivers own insurance

Can you get insurance with a suspended license?

Im not gonna preach b/c you guys are set to get areally big lesson... be prepared b/c if you dont pay the bill right away- they WILL suspend your license and garnish your wages. You may be able to set up a payment plan.

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Yeah, you have big trouble heading your way. Like you said, no excuse just because you were selling the car. You can expect to get sued, doesn't matter if you have nothing, they will garnish you and your husband's wages, they will put liens on your personal property. Your husband was ticketed because he was found to be at fault,plan on getting a lawyer to help you through all the paperwork heading your way. If you get insurance today, that will have no effect on this situation, a day late and a dollar short. I would ask for copies of the accident reports,collect all info from all vehicles and cars involved. Statements from the other drivers etc. It doesn't matter if your car has 10grand in damages,if you owe money on that car, your lender requires full coverage insurance,and you will still have to pay off the loan in full. If you don't, more credit problems. Good luck, I think this is a growing up experience for you two.

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you cant get back dated insurance, i know what your thinking, insurance companies wont do it for exactly the reason youre in, whatever happens >
rule number 1 > STAY CALM, you may not be in as much sh1t as you could be, if the accident was somebody elses fault then the fact that you did or didnt have insurance may lessen, its a nasty ande worring situation to be in. my honest advice would be get a lawyer on side now just in case, tell him everything that happened and be honest with him. then if it goes crazy he'll be able to deal with things in your best interests. so see a lawyer now, tell him everything so he's prepared, then keep your heads down real low, ask him his advice and dont make any admissions or say anything to anyone, if you're very very very lucky you might just sidestep this nightmare and an insurance company of the other drivers will settle the mess if its their fault, but even if its their fault and they then find out your uninsured they'll try and twist the blame on you. stay calm, take advice and keep out of everyones way

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Get insurance today? HAHA.

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Even if they sue you, it is pretty hard to take something from you if you have nothing.

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Tell the BODA to be more careful in the future.
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