Polce are so greedy they will work 8 hours then stand by the road for another 8 what a raqqet?


Is there some kind of 3 strikes and you out rule with vehicle insurance companys?

Yep. Politics as usual. The politicians are in bed with the cops, so they give them these super deals. They claim it's all about safety and a bunch of other crap, but it's just lining the pockets of the cops so as to not have to fight them over contracts. There's too many situations where you don't need a cop.

Who would be responsible for damages for cars that parked too close to you?

Just another reason to look out for yourself, including making money under the table so you don't have to hand it over to the government for these kinds of things.

Any insurance companies out there who insure cars and motorcycles on the same policy?

Well it is up to the politicians to stop this,can't blame the cops for wanting the money.It is not illegal.

My mom lost her license 24 years ago due to not paying a lawsuit against her?

First, run spell check.

Why is it that the fine for not having car insurance is far less than BUYING car insurance?

Second, "stand by the road" - I surmise you mean at a construction site. This is usually paid by the construction company and may be mandated by the state or govenment fuunding the construction. The police are there to slow traffic down so the construction workers are a little safer.

California DMV Written Exam?

I must ask why you think police shouldn't be able to work extra duty jobs and make a little more money?

Can I renew my registration if the car is not in my name?

what have you got against cops ? with your attitude be glad you don't live in some of the counties where you get beaten for your snot nosed crap , or in Canada where you can be " detained " for 24 hours before an arrest or reason is required.
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