Car Insurance for teens.?

What car insurance will give a 15 year old car insurance for a sports car?


I was on my way to work yesterday, clearly passed the intersection and was hit by a truck making a left turn.?

Not likely.

Have you ever had dealings with the Penn Warranty Company?

15 year olds should not really be driving, and if they are driving, they should not be driving a sports car until they are 34 or so. In fact, most 45 year olds driving sports cars shouldn't be driving sports cars!

Owning 2 homes in 2 different states on?

15!! You're not old enough to drive, no company will!

Dvla swansea reg plates?

The expensive kind.

Can I Use My Maiden Name When Applying For A Drivers License?

If you are in the UK no-one will offer to insure a 15 year old.

I lost my NC issued car title. Can I get california DMV to issue me a new title?

In America?...a brave company.
In the chance!. (not even allowed to drive till they're 17).and that should be upped to 21!!.

How much is car tax?

first of all u can't drive at 15!
secondly not many without your insurance going through the roof!

About my car?

If your parents allow you to watch TV late at night, you'll see the Geico Insurance advertisements.
Then ask an adult to search on the internet for Geico Insurance, then have them read the policy.
The policy says "no one will be turned down"
Have your parents explain that to you.

Drivers License in Another State if it Was Suspended?

It is not illegal in the USA to drive at the age of 15. If you can prove that the license is in need for hardship in the family, or the license is for you to drive farm equipment.

Anyone know what sxi?

you must be in america because its illegal in the uk. i think you'll find it very hard! I'm talking big bucks if you even convince them!

So how long and how much will this type of insurance cost ?

You can bet that insurance for a new driver in a sports car will be EXPENSIVE. To try to find which is cheapest, there is a site where you can compare a bunch of different insurance companies like Progressive or ComparisonMarket to find out which one will give you the best price. Most of them will give you quotes online so you don't even have to talk to anyone if you don't want to.

Why is it ncessary to supply your social security number when applying for auto insurance ?

Who is to blame?

If you're in the UK you won't get car insurance until you're 17, the age you're aloud to drive. Remember, you cant pay in installments until you're 18 either
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