I had a car accident with no insurence, what should I do?

I had an accident with an older women two days ago, and I have no insurance. She is going to get an estimate tommorow, becuase I told her I wanted to settle the costs myself becuase my insurance was high(but I lied I have none)

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My question is, can I buy insurance tonight or early tommorow and lie about when the accident occured to allow her to make a claim?

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Arent there time restrictions in place to prevent this kind of insurence fraud(5-10 days befor you can file a claim)

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If I cant get insurance, what can she pursue legally against me? She didnt call the police about the accident and now its 2 days later.

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The damege looked to be around 400$ worth, I do intend to cover the costs of repair myself, but cannot immidiatly do this, in the meantime, do I face jail time or suspension of my license?

What happens when I get hit by a car, but I didn't have insurance at the time of the accident?

Has anyone been through this? what should I do?


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Do not try to scam the insurance company. You are looking at basic traffic citations right now unless you also had a suspended license for a long period of time. insurance fraud is usually a felony and they will go after you like a pit bull after a dog bone. The best course of action for you is to be honest with this lady and hope she will work with you. Depending on your state you might face a suspended license but usually you can get a conditional one if it comes to that. Normally it doesn't if your record is clean. If the lady is unwilling to work with you then her insurance will probably pay for the repair and may sue you to recoup the costs. You messed up but not too badly, if you commit insurance fraud you're taking a foolish chance for no reason. Even if you get sued for the damages the court will give you a chance to pay before taking action.

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Pray she doesn't sue you...you can try and get insurance NOW, but it won't take effect in time and she's probably wanting to get her car fixed...actually it's HER insurance you should worry about.
She will tell her insurance and they will contact YOU and since you have no insurance HER insurance company will come after you and take what they can get...sue, sue,. sue.
You really should have insurance, even if it's just basic coverage.

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nope you wont have any luck buying insurance to cover that accident so don't even try big time trouble doing that . jail time.

if the accident repair cost is something you can some how manage to pay do that . get her to sign a paper saying that she released you from all liability for injuries seen or unseen caused by the accident and that at no time may she attempt to bill you for any additional matters concerning the accident then pay her by cash .
if i was in your shoes i would sell anything i had to in order to get the money to pay this lady off. if you are found with out insurance your in big time trouble so don't mess around her pay her get the paper signed and get your car the hell off the road until you have insurance.

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well nice time to think about insurance isn't it.

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insurance company is going to request a police report anyways so give that up.
It would be fraud and they are not that stupid.
by the way insurance fraud is jail time.

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if i was you at this point i would come clean.
get her the money as soon as you can.
and get some damn insurance so this doesn't happen again.

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You are pretty much screwed. You can forget about trying get insurance now for that matter. Unless you come up with the damage money she can if she wants to screw you big time.
I would call her and plead some kinda of deal and be honest with her and tell her your situation she might understand and work with you. Thats about your only hope.

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All the people are right. You CANNOT cheat an insurance company. Otherwise you really could go to jail for insurance fraud. Pay the poor lady immediately now and for god's sake please buy insurance for yourself before you drive that car again. Oh, and to answer your question about if you can't purchase insurance, what can she claim from you? She can claim for ALL her losses.
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