Does anyone know if sheilas wheels are a good insurance?

company.ive just had a quote thats 150.00 cheaper than my own insurance company for fully comp


Ways to lower my insurance rate?

They werent too good when i had a quote from them.They quoted me £465 more than any other insurers and i have a clean driving licence.It seems as though you may have a deal there but always best to look around.

His name or mine?

Don't know but their adverts rubbish!

I have to take my car from karnataka to mumbai. What are the charges will i incur?

I found them a bit expensive, so went with Diamond Insurance. It's aimed at female customers. They were much cheaper & nice to deal with.
Diamond are currently advertising on TV.

Is a car that I previously owed still mine if the buyer didn't change the title information?

My wife (max no claims) changed to them. She was previously with Churchill, but they were over £100 cheaper on fully comp! Churchill had previously acted fantastically when she was sideswiped by a foreign truck on the M1!

Bought via internet - very good web site but don't know what service would be like if a claim was made.

Massachusetts auto insurance question?

I can't remember which one but they are actually one of the big insurance companies and they are just fronting with this different brand. So should be no problem in case of a claim.

This is a follow-up small accident previously on here?

I always try and stick with a company that is recognised through advertisement on TV etc, and Sheilas Wheels is one of them and it if cheaper than own insurance company go with them. If your renewal is up ring your insurance company to cancel policy if they ask why tell them that you found Sheilas Wheels cheaper by £150 they may attempt to drop it, as £150 less is better than nothing.

GAP insurance?

NO.they are not.thats the truth
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