School bus,with young children inside,hit and run, suing options.?

I was riding on my bike when a school bus with young children inside knocked me down. Luckily only the bike had damages. It was a hit and run but of course I managed to find him. Reported him to my insurance company, his insurance company and the police. I will sue him. What can I sue him for?


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Why bother? He will get his payback without a lawsuit. Nobody was hurt. The damaged bike will be replaced or repaired by the school district's insurance company. He's gonna get all sorts of tickets, and will probably loose his job with the school district because it was a hit and run. If he's driving a school bus for a living he probably doesn't have anything you could get anyway. Why would you want to put more cash in the lawyer's pockets? Part of what is wrong with American today is people running to lawyers just cause somebody pissed in their Wheaties.

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The cost to repair the bike.

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emotional distress and the cost of damages of the bike. Thats about it. I am sure your very distressed now probably so bad you can't ride your bike and feel safe. That is worth some money.

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The damages on your bike and if you were injured during the time you got hit from the bus

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Wow, someone is sue happy. I love how people try to "get people back" by taking as much money as they can for their own gain.. and somehow feel they are justified.

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Obviously... you will only get the cost of your bike from him.

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Sure, if you want to go to a psychologist for your "mental anguish" they will pay for that... but you didnt win the lottery.

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And just hgow do we know that it was the bus's fault. School bus drivers don't take too many chances like that. How do we know that you didn't ride into the bus. What does the police report say. Do you have any witnesses?

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If you can convince us that you are right then you might be able to cinvince a court.

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I'm sure that would love to hear your story. this is what I'd call some "creative businessing"

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check'em out!
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