If someone comes here with an international drivers license...?

and it is good for 3 years, how long is it good in the USA while they are here?


Snopes.com If you recieve a traffic violation in FL. do the points transfer to N.J.?

At least 1 full year of continuous residency,you must also carry your valid national license with the IDL !! www.idl-international.com

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First, an international driver license is not a stand alone document. It is merely a translation into several languages of your valid drivers license in where ever your have one. It is good as long as you are tourist. If you become a resident of a state, that is to say have a permanent address or are gainfully employed in the state, you would have to get a drivers license in that state.

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So, your license and the translation forms are good as long as you are visiting.
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