My girlfriend drove us to a party in my car, and when backing up cracked a bumper&light. Should she pay?


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That depends. If you asked her to drive or she was driving because you were drinking, you should pay. She was doing it for you. If she asked to drive your car, she should pay.

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If it's YOUR car, and SHE was driving it, then yes... she should pay.

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This question sounds familiar.

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PS: At the risk of sounding like a double standard, since you are the gentleman perhaps it would be good initiative if you offered to pay. This is only out of respect for the lady... but in questions of who should morally pay.. it's her. She drove, she hit, she pay.

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well, why did you let her drive?
you could be the gentleman and pay, in return for favors ;)

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Man, what I have learnt with women over the years, With your girlfriend, ALWAYS PAY. If you don't then she can make your life hell. My ex had her Yukon break down in the middle of an intersection. So I hooked my Ranger up to it and pulled it home, about 6 blocks. I told her to keep it in Neutral and do not use the brakes unless she saw my lights on. I styed in either first or second gear, and pulled it the 6 blocks uphill. I found out afterwords she had it in park with the Brakes on the whole way. Needed a fuel pump ($800 installed) and 4 new tires ($600 installed) That was with the deal I gave her through my shop. After I made her pay for the tires (which i ripped to **** on one spot from dragging it), and that ended up badly with me, and was the first step to the end of the relationship.

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YOU PAY IF YOU WANT HER TO REMAIN YOUR GIRLFRIEND and if you don't want heras a girlfriend, have her pay.

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Was she driving at your request, yes? Then you pay. Or did she steal your keys, tie you up, throw you in the backseat and force you go to go to this party against your will, no? Then you pay. Bottom line is it is your car and you are responsible for the actions of anyone that drives it with your permission. Your insurance should cover this for you unless alcohol or drugs was involved and the driver was impaired.

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Well, you could slap her around a little but it would only result in you being a guest of the state for about five months and licking grape jelly out of some lifer's butt crack every night. My advice, ASK her to pay your collision deductible and report it to your insurer.
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