I want to call my insurance company AIG and ask to reduce my car insurance how can i do this?

does any one have experience
thank you for everybody you are really helping me


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It's very simple!

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Call their 1-800 number, give them your policy number on the phone and tell them exactly THAT. That you'd like to reduce your car insurance coverage.

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Be careful what you take off! It's risky! They will explain.

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You call AIG and ask to reduce your car insurance coverage. They will walk you through it.

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WARNING! If you are talking about reducing coverage, most companies will charge a coverage reduction fee. They really want you to be sure you know what you are doing, because they don't want you coming back after a denied claim going "I didn't know, nobody told me!" That happens, and you can find evidence of that in these answers groups. What coverage are you trying to reduce? Liability? Bad move, most people don't have anywhere near enough liability coverage. I do not get into my car without minimum $1,000,000 coverage, and we have $5,000,000 on the wife's car, which gets the most use, therefor highest exposure. Naturally I have full uninsured/underinsured and PIPP coverages, because I don't want to be left short if I am hit by some bozo with $20,000 worth of insurance.
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