How do I rent a car? without any insurance (i have no car)?

So I want to rent a Dodge Magnum, for about 9 days in May through Thrifty.I will be driving from Missouri to Orlando for a vacation. I assume that I will pay the fee for the loss damage waiver (about $11 p/d) Or maybe my credit card might just cover that. But why do they keep refering to my insurance?... I don't even own a car! Else why do they think I am renting? Anyway what advice would you nice people give a dumb person like me as to what I need to do or what other insurance I need to purchase, thanks.


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if you owned a car, the insurance for that vehicle would NOT carry over to a rental car.

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Rent the car and take out the insurance they offer you. That way, if anything happens to the car (either your fault or someone else's) the car will be covered.

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Remember, if you damage a rental car and do not have their coverage, you will be liable for the damages AS WELL AS rental charges for the days the car is out of commission for repairs.

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Just buy their insurance - it will save you a lot of headache in the long run.

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they want you to purchase the insurance from them for the rental!

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Technically, you should get either a "named operator" policy which covers you only when driving someone elses car, OR get a bond to cover you.

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How often do you drive period? If you drive almost never, then check with a local insurance agent on how frequently you can initiate and then cancel the non-owner's policy. You can get minimum limits for liability but you cannot get collision coverage. THus once you do rent a car, you will have to pay for the damage waiver coverage which goes for about 8-10 dollars a day.

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You walk into the rental agency, show them your license to drive and your credit card, and sign where they indicate it needs signed. Insurance goes with the car of course, and even if you had a car that was insured it would not cover any other car. If you like, you can purchase extra insurance from the rental company that would cover an at fault accident.

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You can purchase short term insurance through the the rental shop. Call them, they will give you the rates.

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You can buy insurance from the rental place but it gets very costly. Do you have any credit cards? Some credit cards actually offer rental car insurance coverage. Check with them and if they do rent the vehicle under that card. If not looks like you will be buying it from the rental agency.

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They want you to purchase the insurance from them. Before you do, check out the rules on the credit card you use. On a lot of credit cards, they have special paragraphs about renting a car. You can always call the credit card company (the no. is on the back of your card) and just talk to a customer service rep. about it. I have rented lots of cars and never paid the extra insurance the rental co. wanted. But then again, if something happens and you have no insurance and no credit card coverage, you'll have to pay.
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