I got into a car accident?

I hit the girl's bumper, and we agreed I would pay out of pocket (because I was borrowing my bf's car and the accident is my fault) and she never filed a police report. But we did exchange information and i gave her my bf's insurance policy number. Now the price she is asking for is ricocklous! Could we still do it through insurance, and if we did would they honor her insurance policy if she files a police report now, about 2 weeks later?


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You learned two lessons here the hard way.

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#1. Always call the police.

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#2. Unless you are in the auto body repair business or a claims adjuster you will be shocked by the amount of ANY estimate. Car repairs are incredibly expensive even when the damages look minor.

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Anyway, the claim can still be reported and your boyfriends company will take care of the damages to the other car.

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There is little point in trying to file a police report at this late date. Most departments won't bother taking a report once you leave the scene.

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Your probally stuck there. I would try insurance though im not sure if they'll cover it. Probally.

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Yes, you can still file a claim for it after 2 weeks. Most policies give you up to a year to file a claim, depending on the state you are in. None of them could deny the claim based on a delay of two weeks.
Some companies would not require that you file a police report, as long as you and the other driver are both telling the same story. But some will make you get the report. Hard to tell.
The moral of the story is, you shouldn't have any problems.

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you should talk to her about getting a different estimate or letting you get an estimate on it. you can still call your insurance co but they are going to want a police report. if you go to get a police report you need to tell the officer you didn't think the damage was severe enough for you to need a report. or they will give you a ticket for not reporting an accident most states have a dollar amount, if the damage is greater than that you have to file a report or it's a crime. you are not in trouble though just tell them like i said you didn't believe the damage was that great. if they ask which sounds to me what you were thinking by your question. good luck.

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You can always do it through insurance. If you think she is trying to rip you off, make her do all the work of proving it was your fault....she really has no proof

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thats what you get for not getting the police involved dummy

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I do this everyday and trust me, even I'm shocked at the amount of money it takes to repair a car nowdays. If I were you, I would contact boyfriend's insurance company and let them handle this mess. It could be the other person is trying to shark you, or it may be a matter of just not understanding the repair estimate. The insurance company will handle the whole thing and you won't even have to have any contact with the other party.

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You don't have to file a police report if there was no personal injury and if the damages are most likely below $200-500, depending on your State policy. Since you most likely can't tell exactly how much damages are, you should file to be safe.
Having said that...your best bet is to call your bf's insurance company and they can tell you where to go from here. I don't see what her insurance policy has to do with anything.

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My car was just hit in a parking lot, the person left without leaving a note; it damages were $1800, although I wouldn't have thought it would be that much. I had to cover the deductible.
Good luck.

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I'd be honest and tell your BF's insurance company exactly what happened. Tell them it's your fault and not your BF's fault so that they won't raise up your bf's insurance. That way you're out of a lot of trouble that you may get into later.

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you have the right as the person paying for the repair to have them get estimates at a few reputable body shops ...
But of course maybe suggest one yourself because you never know what kind of deal they could work out together to milk you for more money ..
You have the right at any time to go through the police ...
But being such a minor accident they might not do anything ..
but I would demand written estimates ..
there's no reason you shouldn't get that and if she refuses then I would certainly assume something is not right ..
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