How can I get a UK Drivers Licence while keeping my NZ Licence?

I don't wish to surrender my NZ Licence to get the UK one, as I need it for frequent trips home.


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You can drive on your NZ for the first 12 months that you enter the UK. After that time you have 2 choices

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Either exchange your NZ for a UK licence and drive on your UK licence when you go back and fore to NZ or...

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Get a provisional UK licence. Pass a theroy and practicle test in the UK. That way you can keep your NZ licence.

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You can't unless you take a UK test, then they will issue you with a licence. If you try to exchange your NZ one they will keep it until you want to go back to NZ. Not sure if it's legal to do a test if you've already got a licence that's valid in UK though, (cos you could have points / bans etc) so best check it out beforehand with DVLA.

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Only one way. Take the test. If you are an experienced driver it will be easy.

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Sounds like you're now a resident here. Your NZ licence is good for 12 months, during which you obtain a British provisonal licence & pass the test. As far as I know, there's nothing to prevent you holding both, though you could check with DVLA. Here's the link:
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