If i buy a car with mot and road tax but no insurance can i leave it parked outside on the street if i dont d

that is to say if idont drive the car and just leave it parked


Can I get GAP insurance for my car if I pay with credit card check?

You just would be out of pocket if anyone was to crash, steal or burn it.

Has anyone purchased Esurance for their auto over the internet and had any problems with it?

Yes you can as long as it's Taxed

What repairs will my car insurance cover?

yes you only need insurance to drive the car.but if something happens to the car when its parked and you've no insurance then theres feck all you can do

Will my accident or violations follow me to a different state?

You can but if it gets broken into or stolen then you have no comeback so it is advisable to get it insured

Parked car a total loss?

No not really. Many of us do it when we change cars but if somebody knocks your car their insurance may not pay out either way. Anyway my wife and i pay peanuts to insure our new car so it is not worth taking the chance unless you need to take out a mortgate to insure your car!

I currently hold a full pcv driving licence but im interested in obtaining my lgv does anyone how to do this?

Even if you don't drive it ,Your car has to be insured parked on the queens highway.

Can you get a texas vehicle inspection on saturdays?

no you cant, with out insurance the road tax is void, its like when you go to tax a car you have to produce the insurance and m.o.t. to prove the car is entitled to be on the public highway.

How can i get vehicle registration info on cars i had along time ago?

Any car or other vehicle left on the public highway must have valid insurance.If a child played on the vehicle and was injured
you would be liable. Dont chance it

Driver's license in illinois?

If you buy the car with tax on it, it will be taxed in the other persons name which means he still owns the car. (example) If you were to take it out and be caught on a speed camera breaking the limit he would be the one that gets the fine. You need insurance to tax a car in your name.
But the straight answer is yes you can park it on the street but if anything happens it will go to the past owner not you.
( Lets hope hes not big and gives you a run of kicking!!)

I've just paid off my car. What car insurance coverages are now safe to drop (since I now own it outright)?

Just make sure the handbrake is working & the fueltank is empty ... you don't want it rolling away into the path of a coach load of people, causing the coach to swerve & crash into a petrol station which explodes hurling burning debris into all the surrounding houses & polluting the local river, killing all the fish for 50 miles downstream.

Car accident claims question?

..yeah..but on your own rik...cos u r noe insured!

Lost drivers licenses?

As long as its taxed, just dont sit in it!

What's the best car insurance?

No. Totally illegal and points on your licence. Unless of course its not a public road.

How do you get car insurance for only one week in the U.S.?

no you cant leave it on the street it must be taxed and insured if not you risk getting 10 points on your licence for no insurance do so at your own peril

If we only carry the CA minimum car liability insurance, can someone take our house if we cause an accident?

Yes no problems - just dont drive it.

My car was rear ended no police report but one witness?

Definitely not. If it is on a road or other public place, to which the public have access, then it must be insured. Even if it isn't going to be driven.
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