Can anyone help me with a car insurace problem??

i was in a car accident a while back..and the accident was being investigated by my ins. company because they thought it was fraud..(mean while i was still paying car insurance for 6 months!! after this i did not renew my ins with them.) I had to go before the board of appeals and hire a lawyer. i was cleared of everything and now im tring to get my reinbursement i was told im intiled to,but i just keep getting the run around. i was told to go through my ins. acency and they cant help, i called everyone im suppost to but now im pissed and dont know what to anyone please please help me!


I need to get insurance information from an accident but only have name address and plate not insurance code o

What are you talking about? None of what you're writing makes sense. Why were you being investigated for fraud? Sounds to me you misrepresented your insurance application and your policy was rescinded.

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Sorry but you will need to give us some more info in order for us to help you out.

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What "reimbursement" are you referring to? Car damages, Medical Bills, Car Rental, Insurance Premiums?

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Who is "everyone I'm supposed to?" People at the insurance company, insurance agency, insurance commissioners office?

Car accident... Rear ended... salvage title... Cash settlement?

A little more info would help us help you. I believe you have an option to go back and add to or edit your original post. If so please go back and provide us soem more info.

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You need to add more info. You don't have enough information in your question for us to be able to help you.

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Insurance Companys are slow as heck about returning money but if you are ever late on making a payment, they will notify you right away. Good Luck

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file a report with the dept. of insurance in your state
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