Do we need to take the any tests after the drivers' licenses expire?


Vehicle registrations?

Depends on how long it has been expired. Call them and ask!

Explanation of getting a car insurance. PLEASE HELP?

the only thing i had to do was take a eye exam but things may have changed since i had to do that

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It depends what state you're living in. In Ohio, you have to take a written AND road test if your license expires.

If my car needs to be scrapped, could I terminate the insurance and get the money back like road tax?

It depends on the state. In KY if your license expire you have to retake the written test but not the driving part. Call your local department of driver's license.

I have a salvaged title on my PA car, repairs have been made, and I want to title it in Florida. What do I nee

as a previous poster said contact your local DMV office during regular business hours.

Can I get my money back?

In UTAH you are required to retake driver training and driver training course and then retake the road test with a DMV officer in the car at the time. Only if you pass the the road test with the DMV officer can you be reissued your driver licence.
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