What can CHP do about a guy who beat my car with his fists on the freeway? No license plate, but 2 witnesses.

He left finger prints all over my hood and passenger window. There are also shoe prints from when he kicked my bumper. My girlfriend and I were in the car driving home at about midnight, when he swerved in front of my car and cut me off. I flashed my lights and he slammed on his brakes and I almost hit him. That pissed me off so I flashed my high beams again and honked. Dumb, but I was mad. He then slams his brakes and stops right in front of my car. He gets out, as his car rolls in gear, then jumps back in. I took off. I thought I got away, and then see headlights coming fast in rearview. He swerves in front of me and slams his brakes and I slams on mine. He gets out, his car in gear rolling, and comes toward me. I can't reverse cuz of the car behind me. He starts beating my hood and yelling. He comes to my girlfriends side and slams her window and I take off and exit. I call CHP. They already got a call. I have prints, description of suspect/car, but no plates. What can they do?


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Sounds like a serious case of road rage. Aggro'ing this guy further might not be your best plan.

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Probably the best play is get the cops to lift the fingerprints, and keep em on file in their system. If fingerprinting works like I think it does, it'll show matches to past or future cases involving the same guy, so it might be useful if he's ever accused of something more serious.

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NEXT TIME... get his license plate! Not only that, a passenger should have been on their cell phone with 911 from the first moment the situation turned serious. That's their job! Just in case this thing turned much worse.

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People drunk on rage don't think much on consequences, 'til they see a reminder that consequences exist. Seeing somebody on a cell phone could wake em up.

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Probably the best play is get the cops to lift the fingerprints,
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