Husband had minor aciddent, but insurance was cancelled by error. what do we do now? help!?

husband had a minor accident where he went into another car on a roundabout. we have since discovered that his insurance has been cancelled by the company and at the time of accident he was driving with no insurance. we didnt get any notice or letters from insurance company and so did not realise. now we are very worried about what to do, should we go to the police and tell them anything or is there another way?

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what will my husband get for having no insurance? he has never been in trouble before, will he be banned from driving?

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louise, england.


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If they did not write to you in advance to let you know that they will cancel the service they are in breach of the agreement. check the T&C as it will state what the requierements are to cancel the contract. Look for advise on the Citizen bough as you may have to take the insurance to court.

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all depends on why the insurance was cancelled. If there was fraud involved, you may not be able to transfer liability to the insurance company. But if not, you may be able to force them to PROVE that they notified you adequately, and if they can't you may still be covered.

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If you go to the police first BEFORE they come to you, this may reduce the fine he gets when he has to go to court IGNORANCE IS NO DEFENCE Regarding car insurance. It is up to EVERY motorist to make sure he/she has insurance to drive on the road. Before you mark my answer with a "thumbs down" rating would you be happy if an uninsured driver ran into YOUR car.

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Oh dear! Louise, you will soon find out that there will be a Notice of Intended Prosecution, whether your Husband was at fault or not, if the Police have been informed. Otherwise, your Husband could be sued by the other party for any damage to his car and for any injury caused to him or any passengers in the car,

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I cannot understand how you did not know that your Husband had no valid insurance. When you last 'taxed' your car, the Insurance Certificate must have been valid. Did you not notice the expiry date at the time?

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In any case, this is going to cost your Family.
Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news.

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this happened to my friend, she got pulled by police for her own number plate or something like that,, when they did a check it shown no insurance. the company had not renewed it and canelled it instead, it was the companys fault its took some sorting out, but they did admit there error n everything was fine, just keep stressing to the insurance company. if it there error they should sort it out. just get on the phone find out what has actually gone on. hope it all works out,

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Please check the insurance clausal may there is an error in that document. Ensure the insurrance customer could recieve you husban argumentation. If that is cridible the insurance can't cancelled.

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Best bet would be to find out how much damage there is to the other car and pay for it personally. If you are lucky there will not be any claim for personal injury. Provided you have given the other party your details, you need not get the Police involved. It is your responsibilty to make sure you are insured, so there will be little or no come back against the insurance company or insurance broker.

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If you have a insurance certificate with the dates on you can prove that you thought that you were insured he will not be banned .
He will still have to pay for the damage to the other car, and he could be fined .

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if I was the judge I would jail him as a warning to all the idiots out there on the road with no insurance, its people like him that cause the premiums to be so high.

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Your husband was ~extremely~ lucky not have been involved in a more devastating accident. You can try and prove it was the insurer's fault that your insurance was cancelled if that is the case; if you get no joy, threaten them with the insurance Ombudsman - but make sure your case is absolutely watertight. You could also try the Citizen's Advice Bureau.
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