My car just got broken into, what type of items does insurance cover?


This guy somehow managed to run into my ford explorer with a back how while he was at my house preforming some

Comprehensive only covers damage to the car and attachments to the car. No personal items are covered under auto insurance, though your homeowners may cover some items.

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nothing, just the car

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none. loses have to be greater than your deductible in order to claim anyway.

Driving without insurance?

i own a shop,and they,ll cover anything that came with the car,like the factory radio,and maybe some of the smaller items,but that s about it,insurance don't cover some of the things that they should,good luck i hope this helps.

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Ask your agent or read your policy there are few standard coverages which people would know about.

Which auto insurance plan you guys using?

Sometimes possessions inside the car aren't covered at all and sometimes the deductible is so high you will only get back $5.00 out of $1005.00 stolen.

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The entire Car is covered but the wear and tear is not covered. Depreciation would be deducted from the existing cost of the Spares, as it is against the definition of Insurance to give new for old. Insurance is placing the Insured in the same manner as he was, before the accident. Usually Plastic/Fibre and Rubber Items have a standard 50% depreciation tagged on to them.

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When my car was broken into they stole sooo many things so the first thing I did was to go all the shops in town that bought those things used and tell them what's up. I also would put the word out that you were looking for those things to people who sell crap like that. I caught the idiots who stole it all trying to sell it in a nearby shopping center...

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Check with your insurance co. Each policy can vary depending on the endorsements attached. Comprehensive does typically cover many items in the car, but there are often exclusions for special high risk items like laptops, additional audio equip., cameras, etc. unless you paid extra. But, as others have your deductible to overcome first regardless of what was taken.

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If by chance the car was in your driveway...also check homeowners insurance for coverage.

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It depends on the contents of the car. Many items may be covered under your homeowner's policy. Items such as C.D.'s, cameras, sunglasses, etc. should be covered under homeowner's ploicy. Sorry to hear that. Been there to...Good luck

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Nothing unless you have full coverage with theft, and then it might just cover damage to the car and not contents. Ask your agent.
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