Is there interest on parking violations (non payment of tickets, warrants)?

This year my state income tax was taken by the state for non payment of parking tickets. So is that it or is there interest?


Wat website tells u like how many speeding tickets and uhave and when ull get ur dl back if u lost them?

oh that's not it... don't be suprised if your stopped one day and end up in JAIL! the court has probably issued an arrest warrant...they want their court fees too!

Maryland Duplicate car title question?!!?

If the amount of your refund was as much as your tickets, that's it. If not, no. Yes, often times fees are added on when you don't pay as and when you should.

I need short term car insurance but i am only 17, are there any insurance companies that will allow this?

Interest? not really, it's mostly penalties for not doing what you were asked to do, every so often (depending how long ago they gave you a ticket) there are fines, on top of fines for not paying on time.
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