If a car is registered off the road do u still have to fill out the forms for the tax?

I'm not talking about paying for the tax but just filling out the forms, my mum thinks u do but i think u don't!


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You have to fill out the part on the form that declares the car is off the road.

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You need to fill in an off road form,and it can only be kept on private land.

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there should be a section you fill in to let them know its off the road.

How to lookup a vechile's owner by the license plate number?

There is a part on the form called a SWORN to declare the vehicle as off the road, you need to fill that bit in & send it into the DVLA

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iif the car is registered as SORN you should not have to fill in any forms

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Yeah you need to fill out a off the road form, you can probably get one from a post office.

Drunk driving?

if you have made a sorn declaration then you dont need to

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If you have declared SORN to the DVLA, you have to renew the SORN annually.

Drivers Ed in a Box?

See http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/motoring/own...
Look for the section headed "How to renew a SORN declaration"

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Yes just fill in the part of the form that states your car is off the road :)

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yes you need to register it off the road with a SORN (statutory off road notice) no SORN and you need tax

How do get a hardship licence in the state of texas?

You fill out the form for SORN. If you have SORN'ed it then no need for tax.
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