My wife put cheep gas in my car and now it is jolting as if there is some one pumping my brakes?

what can i put in my car to make that stop i just got new brakes and i game it a tune up and my trans was cheaked a week ago it was just fine what should i buy to put in my fuel take


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Your local automotive store sells stuff that you can put in your gas tank to help. Most likely you got some water in there and it needs to be dried up. go there and tell them your problem it should only cost a couple of dollars

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Put real expensive gas in'll balance itself out. Right?

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Put some higher octane gas in to bring the level of octane up.

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Fuel cleaner?

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Could be water in the cheap gas. Some gas stations do that to cheat the customers out of more money.

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Get some fuel additive to for cleaning out your fuel line and system from some place like Advance Auto Parts or the like.

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Cheap gas wound'nt cause that problem, Sparky. Maybe you left the emergency brake on ? Cheap gas would make it knock.

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It could be water in the gas, add a can of fuel line drier, like HEET.
It could also be a plugged fuel filter. Change it.

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Get some good gas. It should clear itself. Don't get a gas additive, they can ruin your engine. If it does't go away after the next tank of good gas, then you probably need to clean your fuel line filter. It that doesn't work you'll probably need a full engine tune up.

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Just throw some isoprol in the thing and see what happens. If it clears up you had water, if it doesn't, you have enemies!

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umm cheep gas well not make you brakes go bad if you just got new brakes put in then you should be sure that the air from the brakes fuel line is out and that you have brake fuel to.if your wife did put bad gas you should just take out the old gas and you can get some fuel that you can buy at the auto part store get one that says that it would clean your gas tank up and that should take care of the gas problem and you get one that cleans up your motor.

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It is only the gas if it had water in it. Cheap gas doesn't cause the issues your car is having. You need to Man up and face the fact that cars break down and quit using your wife as a scapegoat.

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ok heres what you do, and do it as soon as possible.. there is a product called heet. put it in your gas tank, more when its full though.if your car is fuel injected, make sure to have them looked at and cleaned, trust me.

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This means that your car was built to run on a higher grade of gasoline. If you can, empty the tank and refill with a higher grade. Check your manual. It should tell you which one to use for optimal performance.

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I would say buy some dry gas to get rid of any water in the gas. Before you put it in go fill-up with a better brand of gas. You dont need a higher octane gas just a better grade of regular. As you fill the tank add the dry gas. After you run that tank low then buy some carb cleaner and add it to your next tank fill-up. This will clean your carburator and your spark plugs.

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it might be the gas pump.I had the problem before and the mechanic change the worked fine after that
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